Winery & People

There are today approximately 12 hectars (29 acres) of vines in production, planted mostly with Sangiovese.


Poggerino’s wines are produced exclusively from its own grapes, and every step of wine production and marketing is carried out by the owners themselves.


We believe in an almost fanatical attention to vineyard work. It is in the vineyard that we must strive to produce healthy grapes which have attained the highest degree of concentration and ripeness possible, for this is essential to the production of wines of style and character that can fully reflect the individuality of Poggerino’s terroir.


The wines produced from these grapes combine a richness and concentration of fruit, acidity and tannin, indispensable to the wine’s longevity, while the soft, ripe nature of the tannins allows the wine to be enjoyed early in its life.

Poggerino’s vineyards are located 400 to 500 meters above sea level, and face south-southwest. The soil is very rocky, due to the breakup of local “galestro” rock, which provides optimal drainage. These factors are all essential in the quest to produce great Sangiovese.


Clonal selection in the newer plantings has resulted in Sangiovese vines that produce small grapes and bunches, thus maximizing concentration and sweetness of fruit and skin to juice ratios. This provides deeper colour and more intense, ripe tannins, essential in the structure of the wines.


In addition about 1 hectare (2,5 acres) is planted with Merlot.


 Farm’s People



Piero Lanza is the oenologist and agronomist at Poggerino.

He is really a 100% wine lover. When he’s not busy in the vineyards and in the cellar, he travels the world promoting Poggerino wines.



Benedetta Lanza runs the accommodation at Poggerino.

You will find her in the kitchen baking breakfast for the guests, or taking care of the garden.



Stefano Cutrupi takes care of Poggerino’s large gardens and vegetable garden, and helps Piero in the vineyard and cellar.

He is a giant pumpkin freak and the present italian champion for the heaviest pumpkin ever grown in our Country: 849kg!



John Spratt is the stalwart at Poggerino!

He is in charge of the office, of the wine direct sales, and of the B&B’s guests check in.

Organic Farming

At Poggerino we believe deeply in respecting the land we cultivate. The choice of organic farming is not always the easiest one  but we are certain it is the right one.  Respecting the earth to us means working to stimulate and  increase  its biodiversity, biological activity and cycles. The soil is a complex environment and we know that viticulture in time, harvest after harvest, tends to deplete the soil. Therefore it is our responsibility to increase the biological vitality of the soil, its structure and mineral components in that all these contribute to a natural balance in the vineyard, thereby producing grapes of an excellent quality and expressing ‘terroir’.

We do not use pesticides and herbicides. These damage the vitality of the soil and stop all natural processes. Treatment against  parasites is therefore conducted organically(bacillus thuringensis) and grass is removed mechanically.

We do not use  synthetic fungicides, instead we use only mined sulphur and copper in small amounts.

We do not use chemical fertilizers. In their place we use composted manure coming from an organic farm. In the autumn all of our vineyards, olive grove and vegetable garden are sown with a mixture of legumes (green manure). This replenishes the soil and at the same time improves its structure. This ‘green manure’ also creates a hospitable environment for insects and helps to control weeds.

We try to keep to a minimum the number of times we pass the vineyards with tractors to change as little as possible the structure of the soil and compacting it.

When a vineyard is removed to re-plant it, the land is left fallow for some years (from 7 to 9) and sown annually with ‘green manure’. This gives the land a pause and a chance to replenish itself.