In harmony with the territory and with the people.


The passion
for Sangiovese

The vineyard area is approximately 11 hectares planted mainly with Sangiovese, a vine also chosen in the construction of most of the new plants in which its great potential is being tested. Poggerino wines are produced exclusively with grapes from these vineyards. All stages of production, from the processing of the vineyard to the vinification and marketing are managed by the owners themselves.

We believe in the importance of almost maniacal work in the vineyard, aimed at introducing healthy grapes to the maximum degree of ripeness into the cellar. All this is essential for the creation of wines that have style and character in full respect of our terroir.
The goal we set ourselves is to produce a wine which, alongside the natural concentration that allows its longevity, combines sweet tannins that make immediate consumption pleasant.


Our vineyards

The Poggerino vineyards are located at an altitude of 400/500 m. asl. With a south / south west exposure. The soil is very rich in stony skeleton coming from the decay of the galestro rock; it is precisely this abundance of stone that gives the soil optimal drainage. Thanks to these pedoclimatic characteristics, Sangiovese finds the ideal environment to express its qualitative potential.

The planting of the new vineyards is based on a careful selection of the best Sangiovese clones which produce grapes with small bunches and berries and an excellent skin/must ratio.
About 1ha of the vineyards is planted with Merlot.


Poggerino's people


Piero Lanza is the oenologist and agronomist of Poggerino.

He is a great wine lover. When he’s not busy in the vineyards or in the cellar, he travels to promote Poggerino’s wines.


Benedetta Lanza takes care of the agritourism.

You can find her in the kitchen preparing breakfast and dinner for guests, or tending the garden.


Stefano Cutrupi takes care of the gardens and vegetable garden.

He helps Piero in the vineyard and is a great fan of the cultivation of giant squash (Atlantic Giant) and is the current Italian champion with a squash weighing 783kg.


John Spratt is the “backbone” of Poggerino!

He is responsible for the office, direct sales and guest check-in.



At Poggerino we deeply believe in respect for the land we cultivate.

The choice of organic is not always the easiest but we are sure that it is the right one. Respecting the Earth means promoting and working to increase its biodiversity, activity and biological cycles. The land is a complex environment and we are aware that viticulture tends to impoverish it over time, harvest after harvest. It is therefore our commitment to increase the biological vitality of the soil, its structure and its mineral contents as all these elements will contribute to establishing a natural balance in the vineyard in order to produce grapes of excellent quality and whose characteristics respect the terroir.

We do not use pesticides and herbicides. These damage the vitality of the soil and interrupt its natural processes. The action against the parasites is therefore carried out in a biological way (bacillus thuringensis) and the weeds are removed mechanically. We do not use synthetic fungicides but we only use mine sulfur and a minimal amount of copper.

We do not use chemical fertilizers but only composted manure from a neighbor’s organic farm. Furthermore, all our vineyards, olive groves and vegetable gardens are sown with annual green manure. This brings nourishment to the soil and at the same time improves its structure.

Green manure also creates a welcoming environment for beneficial insects and fights the proliferation of other unwanted herbs. We try to minimize the passages in the rows with agricultural vehicles to keep the structure of the soil unchanged as much as possible, avoiding compaction. When a vineyard is explanted, the land is left to fallow for a few years (between 7 and 9 years) and sown with annual green manure. This favors the rest and regeneration of the soil.

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