Nomblot's egg

L'uovo di Nomblot

For Christmas this year we decided to give ourselves the gift of a giant Easter egg! Made by Marc Nomblot in Burgundy, the eggs are made from washed Loire sand, gravel, non- chlorinated spring water and cement. No iron or chemicals are used in the making of the eggs. Nomblot makes them following the principal of the golden mean. Attributed to Pythagoras and defined by Euclid, this mathematical ratio was used to make the pillars of the Parthenon. Since the Romans, wine has been made in terracotta vessels called ‘anfore’. Nomblot’s cement eggs, like anfore, allow the wine to breathe during fermentation and ageing. Due to the form of the egg, a natural vortex is created whereby the lees are kept in suspension, thereby eliminating the need to stir the wine. We have decided to try the Nomblot egg as part of our continuing effort to find new means to express the ‘terroir’ of Poggerino.