Vegetable garden

There’s an old Tuscan maxim which says “L’orto vuole l’uomo morto” (the vegetable garden wants the man dead)
As a matter of fact the preparation and care of the vegetable garden is a hard business, but it’s also something that gives us incredible satisfaction!

Our first vegetable garden was born of our wish for eating something “grown by ourselves” and –most of all- not treated with pesticides and other chemicals. Besides that,  commercial vegetables, those that come from the supermarket,  all look the same and are tasteless. On the other hand, there are thousand of different, unknown varieties which offer fantastic tastes, consistencies and scents and which can make a recipe special because made…with special ingredients!

In our vegetable garden we apply these principles:

  • Care of soil and plants following  biodynamic techniques and principles. We are aware that the soil is a living organism and that what is taken from it must be given back to it.
  • Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used.
    The soil is worked as little as possible to keep its layers intact and not to alter the forms of life which inhabit it and make it fertile.
  • We apply crop rotation not to impoverish the soil.
  • All the plants are produced from seeds by ourselves. Sowing and transplanting are made following the biodynamic calendar.
  • The choice of the variety of vegetables is based on the principle of biodiversity conservation.


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