Responsible tourism

Poggerino is an organic Farm.

We are very sensitive to minimizing the impact of our farm on the environment. The cultivation of the grapes, olives and vegetables is done without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We have recently installed a boiler for the heating and hot water in our rooms and apartments which burns bales formed from the remains of the pruned vines from our vineyards. This is an innovative, economical and ecological in that the pruned canes were always discarded as waste.

Vegetables from our vegetable garden are used to prepare dinner for our guests and any remains are then used to make compost which will become organic fertilizer.

Our free-range hens provide eggs for breakfast. The flour we use is organically-grown and stone ground .

We recycle all plastic, glass and paper and ask our guests to do so also.

Guests are also encouraged to use water and electricity with care and asked to turn off all lights when leaving their rooms and not to waste water.

For garden watering we use water coming from our lake, which is not drinkable.

Though these measures we hope to create a more holistic environment for all those who visit and stay at Poggerino.